Gardening, hiking, plants and residencies

It is has been a challenging Spring but only in the best of ways. I thought I would share a little bit of what goes on when I am not at the bench making jewelry which these days feels might be a little excessive. Since 2005 when I left jewelry as my full time endeavor I have done many things. Since 2018 I have been trying to make jewelry my full time once again, but I am challenged by having many interests, a family, a house, a crazy large yard and a love for being outdoors. I have also decided to reclaim my life and idea of self as not just a jeweler but as an artist, so that is more comprehensive of all my skills and interests. So this has meant that I have been busy in print studios, walking and applying for grants and residencies.

To see what else I have been up to please visit my art website.

I have also just opened an exhibition at  Zero Station which will run through July 6th and end with a closing party from 6-8 Saturday July 6th

But here are some photos from my garden to see what is quite the distraction this time of year. For images about my walks and my expanded world, my instagram will do the trick!