SALE October 21-23 !!! 17% off entire shop


Happy 17th birthday to my little person Alex!

The world and life are magical, need we say more. We grow, we learn, we live and love.

And our businesses grow and shrink with events like a birth, a move or a world in crisis (2001, just as my business was about to take off). But with all the ups and downs we continue to create and make and give birth to second children, new ideas, new career paths and more art.


To celebrate all of this and to make way for more work that has been germinating for some time. I am clearing out the shop over the next three days to make way for new work in a new shop in November, just in time for holiday gift giving.

So hopefully you can find something you might have found was a little to expensive before, is now just doable. So let me know if you have any questions- otherwise off to the refiner it goes!

Happy Birthday Alex and happy Autumn to everyone.

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