about the artist, j.e. paterak

Resident Artist at Maine Farmland Trust’s artist residency at the Joseph Fiore Art Center, August 2019

“If granted a way to see our parallel lives, I’d be curious to see myself as a scientist/philosopher. In the past, I used the phrase ‘poet meets watchmaker’ to describe my work.  I follow my whims and wonder, but I need measurement and exactitude to bring it into being.” – j.e. paterak

j.e. paterak is a Maine artist and jeweler

Working in the small coastal city of Portland. Her love for all things design is coupled with a curiosity in the natural world surrounding her. She is the sole designer and maker at bloomstudio jewelry.

Love of learning

Paterak received her BFA in painting and printmaking from MassArt and her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. both places have highly regarded legacies. She has been both a student and a teacher at  programs such as Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine, and  studied at Penland in North Carolina. These educational experiences are both formative and ongoing. Her life as a jeweler took a back seat while pursuing other interests in architecture, design and horticulture while attending to a 1950s ranch renovation and establishing a mini urban farm and raising a family. During this time interests in hiking, mushrooming, botany have all crept into the intentions behind the design. Nature is the foremost designer from which she takes her cues.

Philosophy of making

The perception of our own growth over time is more complex and challenging to reflect on than counting tree rings which accumulate annually. These are the kinds of thoughts and ideas that Paterak likes to mull over while making jewelry. In today’s fast-paced world, the life of an artisan and entrepreneurial life are inter-twined. Finding time to sit and make things slowly can be challenging but is rewarding. The act of making is one way we can record time in a concrete manner. The resulting works of art and jewelry are the “rings” of time she leaves behind.

recognition | publications

Paterak’s contemporary jewelry has been featured in Ornament,  American Craft,  Metalsmith Magazine. Also featured in Lark Books 1000 Rings and 500 Earrings, and, in select technical books published by Brynmorgen Press . Furthermore, she has written for Metalsmith, and curated locally for Zero Station

Thank you for your interest in bloomstudio jewelry and the work of j.e. paterak.

Nature Inspired | Built by Hand

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