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Celebrations are special times for handmade jewelry.

Custom designed hand crafted jewelry has a special relevance to a jeweler. Given as gifts of significance these are just a select few that stand out over the many years of working. If a custom re-work of family acquired gemstones or new design is requested, I expect my design sensibility is what is desired. I make every effort to satisfy a customer within my aesthetic.

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Beachwalk inspired

These are my current favorite piece of recently designed jewelry. Using customer diamonds showing off confident elegance,  I designed securing ear wires for my statement seaweed earrings. 


Flower inspired

A classic from my ‘stamen series’. It is the last of its kind and now available at Society of Arts and Crafts Boston.

stamen series bracelet by j.e. paterak


Eloping with attitude

A fun Winter Solstice semi-spontaneous wedding couple’s selection. It was extra special that these two have been buying my work since the mid 1990’s. They get the very special distinction of this hashtag #favoriteclients  

two individual wedding bands - wedding, rings, jewelry, j.e.paterak
happy mismatched wedding bands for individuals with style


Designed with the bride

This couple wished for a unique engagement ring using their own family diamond. We designed a simple but asymmetrical ring that she loved! The wedding rings came later see below.



Brainstorming and bubbles

A  little over a year later that same couple returned for wedding bands. Hers was to snug up to her engagement ring, not be “matchy-matchy” but complimentary, ultimately her husband-to-be said something that inspired the design when he said that he liked drawing small circles. Not unlike my bubble designs. Working with his hands as a talented builder he wanted it substantially made for years of hard working wear. 

wedding bands


Stamen series, the first j.e.paterak “classic”

Once given as a 25th anniversary gift. It is so beautiful when worn, made up of over 99 individual elements and put together to move with grace and attitude when work. Subtle as a flower. Only one of the four made is still available at Boston Society of Crafts in Boston.



Pod inspired with a bit of glamour

This design was originally a part of my pod and stamen series, I can custom design with however many diamonds you wish.

wedding band with diamonds


Metallurgy at it’s best, not quite mokume

This wedding and engagement set was designed for a special friend using a family diamond.  I no longer have the technology to make this special material but I have been holding one piece for a special project. The diamond ring has an 18k yellow setting on a 18k white gold band.

wedding bands 18k

An old mine cut diamond set within a specially designed band, another favorite

This 18k white gold ring was for a customer with a beautiful large family diamond, I cannot remember the carat size of the stone but it is one of the most beautiful I have come across. She was proactive and didn’t want to wait for an engagement to have a ring made with it. Unfortunately I often forget to take a really good photo of these rings as I can be anxious to get them to their rightful owner, I wish the photo was better. 

pod with customer diamond - 041


show stopping rings

This top ring was made second time, for a women who was turning 50 and her husband commissioned me to make a second one. This Chicago couple, saw a full page advertisement I had in a pilot magazine called RESCUE. I will never forget because he ordered it just before my second child was due, and lo and behold my son came early so the ring was late. Cannot forget that one. Ultimately she was  ecstatic when she was surprised with it!

Stamen Series Rings


Variations on a theme, encircling

circles wedding bands

These are 24k gold wedding bands are soft and heavy for long wear.

24k wedding bands designed and made by j.e.paterak

One more from the same period, in sterling silver with a beautiful yellow beryl set in the pod style sterling band. A local journalist commissioned the ring below  for a special anniversary and his wife still wears it daily.

Caroline's yellow beryl

This selection of rings has two 22k wedding bands (3rd and 5th) one anniversary ring (far left in 18k white and 22k), and two one of a kind “Occasion” rings. These have all found their forever homes.



Some of my earliest wedding band designs. Still requested today these ‘harlequin designs’ and handmade in 18k and oxidized sterling or can also be requested in yellow & white gold.