Creating beauty, creating change

Holiday gift giving? We know the joy receiving jewelry can bring so we certainly hope bloomstudio jewelry might be something you are considering. Gift giving is a very personal decision and selecting something can be challenging, we are here to help if you feel like you could use some assistance, give us a call. We are available for last minute shoppers too. Thank you to all who came out for my shows at MECA and at […]

Iris, living fully in every sense of the word

I just watched the documentary film, Iris on Netflix. It was so wonderful, I just have to share my enthusiasm, and wonder how I missed the exhibition a few years ago while it was at the Peabody Essex Museum. “Meeting” Iris via this film’s presentation was eye opening. I cannot remember the last time I laid down my hard earned cash to buy a fashion magazine. Yet I find that  I have recently become more aware […]

Plant forms, seeds (plant ovaries), flower forms and more!

Botanical forms and imagery have long been a part of my work, and landscape has been at its roots. Given the chance, I can wax poetic about the role of plants on this blue marble we call Earth. We cannot exist without them, which is the simplest reason to revere them. Being an artist, it is of course the beauty and grace of form that gets to my core. My curiosity and quest when I go out […]