Where to begin, Earth day, use code SPRINGFLING for sale

Where to begin indeed.

First there is no need to go into the depths of the world shift we are all feeling right now. So I will just acknowledge that by saying I hope you are all healthy and well and  although I was battling some severe anxiety in March, I am feeling more strong and positive now.

Today is Earth day and with Earth day comes so much to celebrate  for instance today we received some baby chicks in the mail,  and the wonderful world of flowers and tender seedlings is delighting our senses everyday! and with Spring- many changes are coming. I am phasing out of my business name Bloomstudio for a couple of reasons (returning to my roots as a jeweler, I am also an artist with a website for jepaterak-studio, and this way they are linked easier & there is another jeweler using a similar name). Most importantly I am returning to my origins of using my first two initials and my last name but keeping my logo. This is what identifies me and is my makers mark.

With this change I am currently creating a brand new website for my jewelry (it will be jepaterak-jewelry.com which currently points to this website but it will be reversed when the new site is up. I will then also be phasing out of this website. But before I leave bloomstudiojewelry.com behind …. between April 22nd EARTH DAY and May 10, MOTHER’S DAY my shop will have 25% off and free shipping. USE CODE: SPRINGFLING I will add some new work as I am able but for now all that is up is either ready to ship or will be made to order (rings sized as needed). In addition to my being self employed in the arts, my husband is also self employed (see my previous post) so we are needing to hustle a bit to make ends meet in this time. All sales will be GREATLY appreciated. For a while I was going to keep prices at 100% and donate funds to a worthy non profit, but I think everyone is doing what they can. Jewelry is definitely non essential, but there is mother’s day, graduations, anniversaries and birthdays to celebrate so if a sale is what helps to make it happen- then let’s celebrate! Also just so you do know. I am a part time jeweler, it is my main interest as a maker and artist, but I do take time to paint and draw, I have a family to feed so I also like to cook, bake and we have a huge vegetable garden and now we have baby chicks to tend to. That said I am here to field questions, make custom work and size rings, and generally run my business. I love what I do and I hope you are not rushing back to pick up where we left off but I hope we are all valuing our time on Earth and recognizing that taking time to steward the Earth is one of the most important things we can do with our time. Godspeed to us all and enjoy your SPRING!